Russia was my call

kishore-mordaniKishore Mordani is from Mumbai – formerly Bombay – in India. He was born in a family of entrepreneurs. His grandfather had arrived in India some years earlier with almost nothing from Pakistan after Partition and set up a textiles business.

After this first degree, Kishore went on to do a post-graduate degree in Marketing. He also did an internship with News Corp and they offered him a job when he finished his studies but he opted to go into the family business.

This decision took him first to Dubai where the family had an office which had a lot of business with Russia but wanted to enter the market here more fully.

He came out from Dubai to Russia in January 2002 and now runs the family’s in-country textile business.

He is an active member of the Art of Living Foundation (, and he and his wife have a son who was born last year.

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