From Calais to chaos: UK’s immigration deception exposed

Clearly, the fix is in: European countries are to be mixed and mashed out of all recognition by importing a wave of people from the third world. This has been decided at the highest levels, and you have no choice in the matter. None. The job of the liberal media is to label as ‘evil’ […]

The Russians are coming…

According to sections of the British press, war with Russia is imminent. In the context of collapsing economies, Brexit, mass immigration and cultural meltdown, the prospect of war with Russia is scary – perhaps even petrifying – but as long as it happens somewhere else, the impression gained is that it won’t be worse than […]

American aggression against Russia is nothing new

The US was locked in combat with Russia for much of the last century because the latter was Red. Then came Perestroika under Gorbachev, who sank the Soviet Union on the back of deals with the US that it would not encroach on Russia’s sphere of influence. The US reneged on every aspect of that agreement and […]

Soros to make a killing with European ‘forced migration’

The ‘philanthropist’ George Soros recently published a letter in the Wall Street Journal entitled, ‘Why I’m Investing 500 million USD in Migrants’. In this article, I will be looking at that letter and separating what it means from what it appears to say. Soros’ letter begins: “The world has been unsettled by a surge in forced migration. Tens […]

Has political correctness finished with Muslims?

The world of political correctness is ever-changing. It’s hard to remember whom you can’t criticize and for what – whilst remembering to feign blindness to things so obvious you’d need a government education and steady intake of fluoridated water not to notice. It’s getting so convoluted and complicated even top bosses at Saatchi & Saatchi – people […]

Pokémon Go and the coming zombie apocalypse

I don’t need simulated drama in my life. When you stand up and speak out, more of the real thing will find you than you could possibly want. Since I stopped working in the corporate world, I don’t even carry a mobile phone. I have one, but it is permanently in airplane mode, has no […]

Americans: Don’t give up your guns

Predictably, there has been a round of attempts to ride the wave of the sensational event in Orlando to push forward the ongoing project to wrest guns from the hands of American citizens. The latest manifestation of this tedious program featured Democrats staging a sit-in in a rather silly parody of the human rights protests of the […]

Brexit changes nothing

The morning’s headlines proclaiming the unthinkable didn’t make sense: the UK was leaving the EU; Cameron was resigning. The world had ended and been born anew. I’ll admit it, I was temporarily stunned. Jacob Rothschild had called for a Remain vote. What else was there to talk about? I hadn’t seen that one coming. For an […]

Media acclimatizing us to pedophilia

While we don’t personally know the famous men unmasked in recent months as pedophiles, we all know someone a bit like them. And now we won’t be letting our children have sleepovers at their friends’ houses. The ranks of A-list pedophiles – men whose number includes Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, and Cyril Smith […]

Porn and bestiality: Moral relativism embraces it all

Whereas in Orwell’s vision sex was a crime against the State, in Huxley’s future any type of sexual discipline was itself immoral. Yet Huxley’s depiction of moral turpitude is tame next to what is tolerated today. Last week I compared our experience of technology with Orwell’s prognostications in 1984. This week owes more to that […]