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darlan-moraes-jrDarlan Moraes Jr. is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. From three years old until almost the end of school, Darlan was with the same group of peers, and by 17 he was keen to break out on his own.

He got himself on an exchange programme and went to Denmark. There he picked up Danish, Spanish and improved his English. On returning to Brazil, he studied and achieved two degrees, one in Business Administration and another in Advertising.

He worked for a series of international networks beginning in Brazil as a copywriter and moving Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, and Latvia before coming to Russia in 2009, by which time he had worked his way up to creative director. He is currently taking a break from agency work after 17 years and concentrating on consulting and doing new and fresh projects outside of the advertising segment. His online presence is at:

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