Sam Gerrans is an English writer and independent thinker with backgrounds in languages, media, strategic communications, and technologies. He is driven by commitment to ultimate meaning and focused on authentic approaches to revelation and Realpolitik.

Gerrans’ published works comprise:

  • The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation (2022, Third Edition). This work identifies and applies a new system of Qur’an-based hermeneutics to a full translation of the Qur’an from Arabic into English and includes comprehensive notes and commentary. This work is available here,* or accessed online interactively here.
  • The God Protocol (2022, Second Edition). This work identifies that protocol of warning the Qur’an contains by which the punishments of God were made binding upon miscreant and evil ruling elites in the past, and executes that same protocol in the present context. Proof of execution is available hereThe work itself is available here.*
  • The Mysterious Letters of the Qur’an: A Complete Solution (2022). This book builds upon and completes Gerrans’ work on the mysterious letters of the Qur’an as found in Article II in the appendix section to previous editions of the two works above. It includes further confirmation and development of that solution, providing now also a framework for systems of fully Qur’anic exegesis. This work is available here.*


In support of his work on the Qur’an, Gerrans maintains a YouTube channel here.

Complete versions of all work may be downloaded free in pdf. Purchase of all physical books may be made on the site for 10% less than on Amazon.

Sam Gerrans holds a BA (Hons) in Russian Language and Literature and speaks Russian fluently. He has a high-level background in international public relations and extensive op-ed writing experience in the Russian context. He has lived in the country for a total of twenty years. 

In the wake of events of early 2022, he felt compelled to dedicate part of his time to leveraging his experience to help Western audiences understand how media is manipulated to craft false narratives, offering a deeper appreciation of what one might call the Russian point of view than is available via mainstream channels.

He produced over forty videos on a dedicated YouTube channel to this end. That material can be found here.

This project was self-funded and had no connection, financial or otherwise, with any government or company.

Sam Gerrans’ legacy output and more recent portfolio are found here.